Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's definitely hard to explain to others my struggle I've been dealing with in the past Summer, especially because of my ecstatic enthusiasm with life in general. I'm sure only people close to me experience the outbursts I portray; hardships of my own self.
So with my treatment:
I've been taking Teasel root for same amount of time I have been taking antibiotics and various supplements. Teasel is a tall prickly stalk, standing tall through the winter. My friend took me out to a swamp where Teasel was scattered across the perimeter. The joy of being surrounded by medicine I never thought could even have healing properties, totally engulfed me.
Teasel Root is very powerful, starting at one drop at a time. . .
One drop, two drops a day; then three, three times a day. Every individual is different, and so it depends on self reaction.
I've been studying a Lil' about the brain and how our thoughts create chemical pathways in our neurological system that trigger our body's reaction. It's very intense, just another book to open, or start writting.This is bigger than I will ever understand, so. I go wid da flow... lol :)

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