Monday, October 10, 2011

Se1f 1ove.

Tuesday, 10-11-2011

I am starting this Blog to write about my experiences with Lyme disease treatment. I have a lot learn about this new lil' friend, and more to learn about myself. It took a long time to discover LD in my system, as many symptoms are common with other types of diseases. My mother had to actually tell the doctor to test me for everything after months of mis-diagnosis. It sure is a relief to know where the source of my pain is coming from, but then is that really the source? After all there must be a bigger reason I am carrying this with me. Doing a lot of research into other's heartfelt and inspiring stories, I came across of few words that really sang songs to me. In the realization of how I attracted this disease, and the steps back to a healthy path; it all comes back to me.

Laura Bruno wrote in one of her blogs about Lyme:

"The biggest common denominator seems to be that Lyme arrives when some anger has gone unexpressed and when self-love does not match the degree of love and blessings these folks spread into the world"

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